Getting to Closing

Your home sale or purchase is probably the most complicated financial transaction you will ever participate in. Hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands, everyone from the other agent to local government officials to bank and mortgage employees are involved. Inspections, appraisals, repairs and so many other points provide a lengthy list of challenges potentially standing between you and the closing table. Not to mention local, state, and federal laws have to be satisfied. It’s a lot of work to do in a limited time window, and while each person involved has mastery over their piece along the way, sometimes you need someone to manage the overall process.

We manage this process by employing a Transaction Management platform to handle the many tasks that have to happen for you to make it to closing. While this platform and the person responsible for it operates behind the scenes, the goal is to make sure that things come together as anticipated. A transaction coordinator’s job is mainly responsive; they work through a series of checklists and systems to ensure everyone makes it the closing table - which just happens to be your entire goal!

Buy-Sell Agreement Signed

Deposit Earnest Money

Deliver Agreement to Lender

Schedule Home Inspection

Order Preliminary Title Commitment

Send Copies and Dates to Client and Agent

Confirm Appraisal Schedule

And that's just a sampling of all that we do...


And staying in one piece.

Clearly, this role is important to a successful transaction, but all too often, the industry prefers sales roles over administrative prowess. We see it differently. Our relationship with you drives us to do more to successfully navigate through to closing. If that fits your needs, we invite you to find out more about how we approach real estate transactions while focusing on client relationships. Ready to get started?