Maureen LaChere


OFFICE: 406.442.3111


The Matchmaker

A veteran of the real estate industry for nearly two decades, Maureen LaChere decided to retire from the firm at the end of 2020. She always had a special talent for seeing opportunity between homes and people. Where she saw herself as a sort of a matchmaker, we will work hard to fill the void for her past clients, friends and family! As she would say, "A good day’s work is completed by helping buyers find the home that meets their needs and their budget while assuring that buyer has found someplace worthy of the name “Home”". It’s this people-first approach that has made her such a natural to be a part of our team. Please read a little more about Maureen below...

The Long Way Home

Maureen LaChere took the long route to Montana some 40 years ago. You see, she was born and raised New Jersey, just minutes from New York City. She grew up as part of a large family with deep relationships and extended roots. It’s the contrast that Maureen has lived the best in both places. A love of experiencing food, culture and a diversity of people contrasted with the closeness of family and friends is the cornerstone that Maureen and her husband Jerry continue to share from, a life well lived with their grown children and grandchildren as well as with the community around them.

Home for a few, or for many!

Not your typical empty nester, Maureen has found new ways to share the family home. With a place that’s a hub of activity, Maureen naturally gravitates towards her love to cook and have large family gatherings. In addition, the spare rooms rarely go unused! It isn’t uncommon for them to share their brand of hospitality – whether for a day or two, or up to a year. Recent guests have been from close to home and from as far away as Bethlehem, Estonia, Poland, Boise and Texas – just to name a few. Hospitality defines who Maureen and Jerry are.

Lived Experience and Truly Engaged

Maureen’s previous work has shaped her work for her clients. A former assistant director of the Helena Chamber of Commerce lead the way to her calling as a stay home mom. In addition, she worked for Catholic Social Services, an organization that assists with adoptions. She and Jerry continue in that vein as foster parents for that agency – providing short term care for babies waiting for their permanent home. They are also involved with Catholic Engaged Encounter for the Catholic Diocese in Helena. There, they work to present weekend retreats for engaged couples.