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Have you figured out yet that you are more technologically advanced than the average real estate broker? Well, we sure have! We may not know where we sit on average, but our clientele is more and more tech savvy. Let us try to break down the discussion for Sellers and Buyers.

We used to get a few Sellers who understood the power of the web, but now it is commonplace. We used to rely on www.REALTOR.com and that was pretty good. These days though, we have dozens of websites all trying to gain maximum exposure for our Seller clients. Some are well known, others less so. Check out a few of our client favorites... www.Trulia.com, www.Zillow.com, and www.Craigslist.com. In addition, there are popular local sites like MoveToHelena.com with specialty tools like our Touch CMA App. You see what we mean. There is a pile of sites - and it's a good thing. You see, these days, Buyers are on the internet.

We used to spend all kinds of money on good old print and radio along with a small fortune on billboards. All we were trying to do was attract a client our way who might end up being a real Buyer. Well, things have changed. We have some listings that are seen more than 1000 times in a month through the power of the web. It's a better place to spend our money and effort. We have yet to see a newspaper ad that can effectively show a description, share multiple photos, add a plat map and covenants and show off a virtual tour! It can't be done on Radio, TV or billboard either!

home for sale helena mtWelcome to the Information Super Highway! If your broker is relying on Print, Radio, TV, and Billboards, they are NOT where the Buyers are. Think about it. All of this information with robust color and tons of photos - is there any real competition from traditional media? We think not. Homes magazines are a convenient way to while away the lunch hour, but my clients are searching for Homes for their iPhone!

To see what Buyers actually do, just go to www.Google.com and type in the words "Helena Montana Real Estate". You will see a myriad of results - both paid (sponsored) and "organic" (a fancy term for NOT PAID - just sites that have the best info!). Click on a site or two. Do you see map-based property searches or virtual tours? How about lots of photos? Info on relocating to the market? Options for updates by email? If so, then you are on the right track!

Now, quit thinking like a Seller who likes to see their home in Print and start thinking like a Buyer! Quit demanding that your broker spends their $$$ on the wrong thing and reward them for spending on the right things! Buyers want more info than you can place in any print, radio or tv ad - so give it to 'em!

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