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Are you new to home ownership? Here at Rick Ahmann and Associates we realize that home ownership may be a foreign concept for a lot of people, and we are familiar with some of the potential problems that come up when you are first settling in to a new home.

Which is where we come in. In addition to the list below, we have many tips and tools available on our website for homeowners. If you’re interested in learning more about trends in the local market or more on real estate in Helena, MT check out the latest listings.  

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Loose Toilet Bowl Handle?

Unmanageable Power Cords? Organize your Items with a Shipping Tube!

Icky Sticky Stains in the Sink?

Do you Keep Dropping Loose Screws? Are you One Screw Away from Losing your Mind?

Are you Struggling with Scuff Marks on your Walls?

Are you Planning on Painting? Poke Holes in your Paint Cans!

No more AA batteries for your Emergency Flashlight?

Organize your Important Documents!

Clogged Drain? Make your own Drain Cleaner with these Simple Ingredients.

Hands Free Measuring!

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This list was created off of a video made by Buzzfeed Nifty.